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It feels great to welcome you, our readers, to yet another wonderful term which we are sure is filled with God’s rewarding grace. Happy New Year to you all! 2017 is definitely going to be a year of open doors for us all! Amen!

It’s a new term which means, a new edition of The Voice. I hope you have all been expectant of our magazine because we have nothing less than the best work, put together by Princeton students in store for you. Just like always, The Voice is working on an upgrade to boost the good quality we already have. In this edition, you will notice that we have stepped up our game in the graphical aspect. Catchy illustrations and very descriptive captions accompanying the pictures are just a few of what you are bound to encounter.

As always, your evaluation and constructive criticism would be welcomed. We need your recommendations as editors and writers! Read on! Enjoy!

Victory Yinka-Banjo(Grade 9A)

Editorial Team
YINKA-BANJO Victory, ADENIJI Tomisin, HALIM Blessing, DIMIRI Grace, ADENIYI Adunola

Top Ten Excursion

Reinforcement as a powerful tool that enhances excellence and hardwork has always been upheld by Princeton College. Educational trip to Nigerian Bottling Company, Ikeja was organised for the top ten students of the college. On arrival at the venue, the students were properly equipped and dressed before they entered the factory. A tour guide was assigned to them who took them round the factory.

They were exposed to all the processes involved in bottling, packaging and stacking of soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta and Eva table water. A lot of machines used in the production process were shown to the students but the ones that fascinated them most were the robot pack and the rinsing machine. The students were also entertained with refreshing drinks after the tour.

In all, it was a wonderful outing for the students. It is very clear that students who did not take part in this excursion will work hard next term to be on the list of top ten students.

New Face of SRC

The Students Representative Council (SRC) had been more or less inactive in the happenings within our premises until the commencement of this school year. However, things took a different turn with the change of the members of the SRC for this session. New people meant new and better ideas. With the president, Toni Oyebode and the secretary, Victory Yinka-Banjo, the first ever SRC project was launched. The idea was to get water dispensers for our college. It was later approved and was successfully executed.

In addition to this very exciting purchase of facility for Princeton College, our Students Council, especially the prefects, have definitely stepped up their game in upholding discipline among the students. SRC has been a blessing to Princeton College.

Top Ten Excursion

December 13, , 2016 was definitely a date marked as ‘occupied’ on Princeton Schools’ calendar. The annual Christmas concert hosted by Princeton Schools was highly cherished because the expectations were met. The end of year event, without a doubt, was indeed a successful and an extraordinary one. Many spectacular presentations, accompanied with amazing hosts and a very friendly audience carried the day.

Among those who presented were the adorable little ballerinas who awed everybody with their elegant dance steps, the school choir with their dazzling hallelujah chorus and the legendary Toni sax, the best saxophonist Princeton Schools has ever had. Ground-shaking dance choreographies, throat-tickling drama presentation, classical-themed orchestra exhibits and many more were some of the terrific highlights of the occasion.

The Christmas Concert was truly a night to remember. Everyone is already anxiously waiting for the 2017 edition. Surely, it will bring more your way.

Poets' Corner

Positive mindset

Oh! My friend I tell you today
In life, you will face challenges
Well, I have quite a lot to say
Many things may seem so tough
But you have to try your best
At times, you will get a little rough
But you’re sure to pass the test
In order to win the race
You have to stand up tall
So, put a big smile on your face
And prove it to them all

Grade 8C

The Sun

The sun is bright
But not in the night
When the sun rises, I am always awake
When it goes down, I am always asleep
When the sun comes out, the cock crows

And the cock’s crow is very loud
Sun can melt an ice-cream
The sun makes me have a dream.


Rainbow is very colourful.
It makes our day very beautiful.
The colours of the rainbow are red, orange,
Yellow, green, blue indigo and violet.
Rainbow comes when it rains.
When the rainbow appears, happy mood appears.

A Giant

A giant is a man
A giant is tall and fat
He likes to eat fat chicken
He snores when sleeping
A giant is always mean.

Grade 1 Emerald


Love is an illusion
Expression of one’s thoughts,
It clouds one’s mind,
And wrongs one’s judgement,
For all it gives is sadness,
And all it wants is anger
Why has the universe forsaken us?
For three months, I grew my seed,
Just to turn a new leaf
My next life shall tell.
Of fair emotions and forgiven romance
Take all you want for the sun shall smile,
I shall rise from the ashes of death.

Grade 11

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