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It is truly a pleasure to be back here on Princeton soil! God has seen us through another spectacular session and here we are again at the start of a new one! Although we have said goodbye to some Princeton families, we have also been so privileged to welcome new ones. Princeton is as always, growing and improving.

This year, The Voice will be doing the same. We are coming back even better and bigger with the most amazing articles and write-ups for you to enjoy. We are also trying our best to bring you the best. We, Princeton students are always on top of our game. We have pictures, poems, riddles and more exciting features in this edition.

Please do remember that you can give us feedback right here on this website; we would absolutely adore contributions. Now, let me not keep you waiting any longer. Read on and listen to the voices of Princeton students! Enjoy!

Victory Yinka-Banjo(Grade 9A)

Editorial Team
YINKA-BANJO Victory, ADENIJI Tomisin, HALIM Blessing, DIMIRI Grace, ADENIYI Adunola

Sea School 2017

On the 31st of July, 2017, the newly elected prefects of Princeton College went for a ten-day leadership training which would equip them with the leadership skills needed for the new academic session.

Apart from lectures they received during the seminars, they competed in different tasks like climbing, swimming, tent making etc. The aim of these activities was to help the teams develop communication skills and team work. Moral talks were also given to them on the topic, ‘Youths and Challenges of Growing Up’.

The award ceremony for all the tasks took place on the 6th of August, 2017. Prizes were given to the teams that participated. Amina Team came first and the award was received by Oluwakemi Ifedoyin, the assistant senior prefect of Princeton College. The training was rounded off on the 9th of August, 2017 with the decoration of the students as ‘Sea School Ambassadors of 2017’. It was indeed a worthwhile experience.

Assembly Presentation

The class assembly presentations were informative and timely as topics like Water Cycle, Nigerian Heroes, Law Enforcement Agencies, Sanitation and Hygiene and Culture were duly discussed.

Kindergarten Picnic

Just as we always look forward to the beginning of a new term with great expectations, the end of it is usually exciting. According to a popular saying that, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. In Princeton Schools, it is an all-round education. Taking cognizance of the fact that the importance of rest and relaxation after work cannot be over-emphasized, Princeton KG pupils had an amazing picnic. Wow! What a better way to unwind.

The Nursery Supervisor, Miss Mbaebie was not left out of the fun as she was present on ground to lend her moral support.

It was not music and dance alone, everyone had something to munch.

Seminar on Road Usage

On the 12th of October, 2017, Naija Car Lovers and KIA in collaboration with Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Lagos chapter command organised a seminar for students in Lagos. The event took place at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) and the theme is road safety. The students of Princeton College were in attendance with other schools. The aim of the seminar was to educate the students on road safety.

The students had the honour of being addressed by the famous Charles Dallas of Inspirational FM who commended FRSC and LASMA for a job well done. Other facilitators were Inspector Emmanuel Ule, Mr Fani Giwa, Mrs Awa among other notable Nigerians.

It was not music and dance alone, everyone had something to munch.


Seldom do we realize how much power is behind the words that proceed out of our mouths. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.

Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama are men who saw the effectiveness of thinking before speaking. These men understood that although the tongue has no bones, it is the strongest organ in the body that can be used to make a difference. Their gentle words brought life. However, a deceitful tongue can crush the spirit.

Words heal but they can also kill. When used in the wrong manner, they are destructive. What we say can be destructive, hurtful but also cause breaches in relationships due to miscommunication. Words are just like eggs dropped from great heights. You cannot take them back. Words, improperly and irrationally utilized can wring tears from the hardest hearts.

So, let us all strive to be positive with our words, be motivational with what we say, and to be cautious of how we speak. Words are powerful and when used inappropriately, they can be indestructible change agents.
Grade 9 Wisdom

Colour Day

Dressed in primary colours, Princeton kindergarten pupils observed a day which they called, “Colour Day” after learning about primary colours.

A quick teaser- can you mention the primary colours? Did I hear black and white? Did you just say red, yellow, blue and green? Hold it! Let’s learn from the KG - they said, “The primary colours are RED, BLUE AND YELLOW.”

It was really a day of fun as teachers and pupils all appeared in red, blue and yellow. The pupils engaged in various games with the use of balls and balloons of these colours.

The day’s activities came to an end as the pupils and teachers sang the primary colours song. Do you want to know if the aim of the Colour Day was achieved? Ask pupils in KG 1.

Literary and Creative Writing Competition 2017

Princeton College made an impressive mark at the Literary and Creative Writers Competition (LCWC) 2017. One of her students who took part in the competition was able to make it to the finals. Demilade Sodipe outshone numerous participants across the secondary schools in Lagos State to take the second position.

The competition which was keenly contested included monologue presentation, poem writing and free flow presentation. For taking the second position, Demilade Sodipe won a tablet, a plaque, a medal and was issued with certificate of participation.

New Parents Orientation

Our wonderful parents were warmly welcome to the Princeton family. It was an amazing moment of meet and greet. The meeting was an avenue to discuss our core values, academic activities, total well-being of learners and how to improve on total development of the learners.

Abacus Training for Parents

Our parents had a wonderful time during the training session. The training was organized to put the parents through the rudiments of Abacus so that they can assist their children when studying at home.

Studying: An Enabling Art for Good Performance

In Princeton College, it is a tradition to stay enlightened as students. One of the many ways through which we get this done is by holding seminars within our college every Friday. These seminars are held to inspire as well as inform the students.

On the 20th of October, 2017, the school organised a seminar and students from government schools were invited. We had the privilege of listening to our own principal, Mr Sylvester Obiakor at the seminar. He spoke to us about studying. We all learnt a lot of things at the seminar. We got to know more about the components of studying; why we study, what to study, where to study, how and when to study.

We even got some recommendations from him on the kind of books we should read. These included Ben Carson’s book, titled, You have a Brain, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and another one titled, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Our principal, Mr Obiakor, in addition to all these left us with some key points which I feel many of us found essential.

The first point he laid emphasis on was that the two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and the day we die. Between the two extremes are choices. We must, therefore make choices which will result into a well-structured future for our lives.

The second was that we have all been given a flashlight- our life- we are meant to shine and light up our murky world.

Mr Obiakor rounded off the event by leaving us with some very inspiring quotes. One of them is: ‘He who does not read is the same as he who cannot read.’

The Rising Star Essay Competition 2017

The Star Essay Competition 2017 was concluded on the 27th of September, 2017. Each of the participants wrote a poem or short story on the theme ‘Beauty of Nature’. Treasure Akpa, Halim Blessing, Adah Glamour, Mairo Orogun and Aremu Oladimeji from Princeton College participated.

Oladimeji Aremu won an ‘Honourable Mention’ award. With this position, he won a flat screen Samsung television set. The competition was a huge success and a platform which will bring out the potentials of many students in the future.

We even got some recommendations from him on the kind of books we should read. These included Ben Carson’s book, titled, You have a Brain, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and another one titled, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Excursion Trip

Our learners had a fun time at the zoo where they saw lots of amazing creatures.


One of the most stubborn brain myths that many people have sadly embraced is that we're all stuck at the intelligence level we came into this world with, when actually, how we think can be changed and be improved with effort.

The phrase, “born genius” is deceptive. The secret to the success of many of our great artists and scientists who we would all declare as geniuses, lies more on hard work than on any innate intellectual gifts. People such as Ben Carson, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Mozart, Beethoven, Marie Curie, and more, are great reminders that what matters most is the deliberate practice we put into our work. They did not simply wake up with IQs greater than 140, they persevered, concentrated, avoided distractions, were determined and had long-term commitment.

So, let me ask you this. Why must we characterize brilliance with an IQ of 140?And why must the term “genius” only be used to refer to people with genetics and genes that classify them as prodigies psychologically when being a genius is not about the genesis of the character but about the progression, the work and determination that create a genius?

You don’t have to be precocious to be termed a genius. You must be ferocious, tenacious and a go-getter, because geniuses are not born, they are actually made.
HALIM Blessing
Grade 11

Intra Class Quiz Competition

Various class representatives did so well in the intra class competition. Indeed, our learners have the spirit of achievement. We congratulate Ohabuiro Chizaram, Ikujenyo Oluwatiere, Pogbe Daniel, Ekpenyong David and Olatunbosun Tamilore for representing their respective classes excellently.

ILead Naija Leadership Training 2017

11th November, 2017 was another rewarding day for Grade 11 students of Princeton College as they embarked on a leadership training programme. This was to position them to face challenges of 21st century leadership.

The programme was divided into different segments. The first one which was handled by Mrs Koya was fun-filled with a lot of activities for the students. This was followed by Dr Ayo’s presentation. She educated the students on effective leadership. Her presentation was based on; definition of leadership, how to be a good leader, qualities of a good leader, difference between leaders and bosses among other interesting topics.

The second segment started after a ten-minute break. It was based on personality and values. Videos were played after which questions were entertained from the students.

After the presentations, the students appreciated the co-ordinators and facilitators. In all, it was an educative and rewarding programme organised in a conducive environment which imparted positively in the lives of everyone that attended.

The Terra Kulture Excursion

Students in Grade 10 and 11 were privileged to what some described as the most electrifying school outing. On the 19th of October, 2017, the two grades set out on an awesome adventure to a place known as Terra Kulture located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

This establishment was founded to preserve and promote the Nigerian culture. On arrival, the students were split into groups and everybody got a chance to tour the whole breath-taking place. We were guided through a craft shop which only sold ‘Made in Nigeria Goods’, manufactured only from Nigerian fabrics. We also visited a library that had books written by Nigerians.

One of the students’ favourites was the art gallery, a stunning sanctuary of masterpieces made by Nigerians. We saw Bruce Onabrakpeya’s most expensive art work. It was truly amazing. The excitement didn’t end there as we were led through the mouth-watering restaurant where Nigerian meals are cooked. We also learnt how to make cocktails.

To crown it all, the students were taught new dance steps from the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa cultures.

What an unforgettable trip!

Theme Day

This marks the highlight of the theme of this term-ALL ABOUT ANIMALS. Presentations were done on birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects. We appreciate Mrs Nosahoro for educating us on animal husbandry. Animals were on display for all to see.

Patriotism: Making a Difference as a Youth

A nation is but nothing without its people. The two go hand in hand. Being patriotic towards one’s country is everyone’s responsibility. For a country to stand and have a steady foundation, it must have patriots. Patriotism is an extreme possessiveness for the motherland which defines heroes who fight for us – our brave-hearted soldiers – as they sacrifice their lives in battle securing every inch of vast Nigeria. Patriotism is the zeal with which one works to make one’s nation the best in the world.

Youths constitute a major sector of a nation’s multitude and their patriotism towards it is their primary responsibility. At age 13, a French girl led her country’s army in a victorious battle in the year 1429. She went as far as losing her life for France, her beloved nation. Her name has forever gone down in the history books as a loyalist and a hero. This girl, known as the Joan of Arc, is the true definition of how far the adoration of one’s country can push any youth to go.

One of the greatest tragedies would be residing in a nation that failed to cultivate the potentials of its young people. The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the organ with the capacity and the ability to be momentous change agents. The greater part of the youths who have been exposed positively and trained effectively have got tons of ideas to make a difference.

I am a youth. I am a passionate juvenile who is thirsty for a mighty nation. I have a dream that Nigerian young people who share that common sense of patriotism, which is a burning flame within their spirit, will team up and be united by their juvenescence and springtide. I have a dream that these adolescents will fight, will restore, will create and will make a difference for their nation, Nigeria. That is what it is all about; loving and representing our beloved country. It begins with me. It begins with all zealous youths with vision. It starts with patriots!
Grade 10s

CLB Spelling Bee

More feathers were added to Princeton Schools’ cap as students from both primary and secondary sections came second at the grand finale of CLB Academy Spelling Bee Competition which took place at Hallmark Event Centre at Victoria Island, Lagos.

My NTEC Experience

My name is Victory Yinka-Banjo and I took the 3th position in the National Travel Essay Competition. I won this prize in June 2017, on behalf of Princeton College, and I got a free flight return ticket to any destination in Nigeria, courtesy of DANA air, alongside a 40,000-naira cash prize.

In the second week of July, I visited the DANA Air headquarters in Lagos to collect the flight ticket. This is where my fantastic journey commenced because in less than a month later, I had an unforgettable experience, when I utilized my free return ticket!

Within the first week of August, my mom and I set off for Port Harcourt, Rivers State and to our surprise, she was also given a free ticket. DANA Air took very good care of us with lovely refreshments and a flight that was nothing less than peaceful. My mother and I were so excited as the complimentary flights gave us the opportunity to visit many of my extended family members residing in Port Harcourt and Owerri.

After a week of relaxation, bonding, and lots of catching up, we headed back to Lagos on flight tickets that were also completely free of charge. We were extremely blessed to have had such an extraordinary adventure.

UN Art Presentation

Olubajo Mariam and Ogunlana Temilade from Princeton Schools received awards for outstanding art work display.

Poets' Corner

With Your Needles and Your Threads

A plague across the country killing those who dream
Destroying every iota of hope of those with vision
Vision of a better tomorrow where they have a chance
Helter-skelter, they move with parcels of qualifications
That were once worth much but now nothing.

Pot-bellied snakes swallowed our living
Opportunity danced into the hands of the unqualified
The cost of education too high to pay
While the value unknown to some.

Rise, O youths and potential minds
With your needles and your threads
Stitch together your future
Tailor a path to greater heights
And embroider yourself a purpose.

Divorce your chairs and homes
With your hoes and your cutlasses
Till yourself a foundation
Nurture the land of your tomorrow
And harvest your reward.

ADAH Glamour
Grade 12

My Pet Cat

I have a pet cat
It wears a red hat
It sleeps on a mat
And hates bats.

It has black spots
It likes to play with dots
It likes to play with sports
It likes to go on walks
And tries to talk.

It always falls
And likes to scratch walls
It likes to eat rats
And likes a good pat
What a wonderful pet I have met.

EKUMA Onosowo
Grade 4 Emerald

Self Confidence

Without me you are a little bit weak
Without me you are a little bit weak
Like a ship with a huge leak
Without me you have no self support
And sometimes you feel like you’ve lost your worth.

With me you can achieve your dreams
And also lack no needs
With me you rise when you fall
And will always be alert from dusk to dawn.

You need me to move your dreams forward
And also to never let them move backward
You need me to be farthest of all
And to also be the highest of all.

NWOSU Chisom
Grade 7 Honesty

Beauty of Nature

I can breathe the scent of nice fresh air
I feel it in my hair
I hear the buzzing of the bees
I am tempted to climb these magnificent trees
I hearken the sounds of the water splash
Catching its glimmer in a flash.

The abundance of colours rarely seen
The forest full of yellow and green
The random splashes of silver and gold
Mommy, the world I see is priceless; it cannot be sold
When I open my eyes, the colours shine through
Surely, God formed these marvellous pigments for us.

The lovely singing of the birds
Happily chirping at ease without words
How could I forget the grass poking between my toes
The lovely scent of the flowers travelling up my nose
Mom, I want to stay here forever and pick the daisies as they grow
The night gaze at the stars while watching a cold stream flow.

Grade 10S

Mother Nature

All things bright and beautiful
The Lord has created
With each flower prettier than the next
And the sky always promising the best
Nevertheless, nature's beauty, simply undying.
Winter, spring, autumn and summer
All of nature's seasons
That is yet to come
That will leave our mouths
Wide open with awe

The birds are flocking in the sky
As the peacocks wave their tails in pride
And the ostriches find a way to hide
But deep down we know they are shy.

A look at the sea, a miraculous place
Do tales like Atlantis really exist?
Without doubt nature is wonderful
With every forest looking so colourful.

Mother Nature!
You are beautiful indeed
Tears from your eyes
Running down through your seed
Who shall be your husband?
Only time shall tell.

AREMU Oladimeji
Grade 12

Beauty of Nature

I can breathe the scent of nice fresh air
I feel it in my hair
I hear the buzzing of the bees
I am tempted to climb these magnificent trees
I hearken the sounds of the water splash
Catching its glimmer in a flash.

The abundance of colours rarely seen
The forest full of yellow and green
The random splashes of silver and gold
Mommy, the world I see is priceless; it cannot be sold
When I open my eyes, the colours shine through
Surely, God formed these marvellous pigments for us.

The lovely singing of the birds
Happily chirping at ease without words
How could I forget the grass poking between my toes
The lovely scent of the flowers travelling up my nose
Mom, I want to stay here forever and pick the daisies as they grow
The night gaze at the stars while watching a cold stream flow.

Grade 10S

Bleeding Heart

You cut them down
Burning them up
You drive them away endangering them.
To make a living
You kill other lives
Relevant or not
You cause extinction
Revenge they take on us
Limited oxygen
Unlimited heat
Make amends
Before it’s too late
Before we’re all gone
Both ‘us’ and ‘nature’.

EKEKWE Tanyalouise
Grade 10S


The loving smiles that melt my heart
The morning hugs that make my day bright
Encouraging whispers to ease my pain
Comforting lullaby to make fears go away
The tears of sadness when I cry
The smiles of happiness when I fly
The days on her knees when she prays so hard
For me, my future and all I will have
The love and care she gives to me
The cheers and shouts when I succeed
Dedicating her life to lifting me up
She is an excellent mother to me.

Rain or Shine
She goes through it all.
Weary or tired
She rises to stand tall.
Her courage and confidence, day by day
Is what bonds the family and lights the way
When storms and troubles come our way
She and God become the mainstay
The backbone of the family
She never bends
Her dedication and loyalty
Is to the end
Putting aside her troubles and straits
She never weakens or loses faith
Doing her job thoroughly and completely
That is an excellent mother to me.

Grade 9 Honesty

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