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Epoch! This is a perfect description for this period of time. It is indeed a noteworthy period because we are back again on Princeton Schools’ ground. Even though the start of a new school session means the commencement of more work for us, it feels great to be back in a scene where we can reach for the stars. To every family that is back for another school year, welcome back! To every new family joining the Princeton family, our hearty welcome goes out to you.

The result of this new term is of course a release of a new edition of The Voice. I hope you have all been expectant of our term publication because we have nothing less than the best work, put together by Princeton students, in store for you. Striking pictures, articles and poems are just a few of what you are bound to find in this term’s edition. We welcome you warmly and will let you into our world of innovation and creativity.

I am sure you are itching to get on to the interesting features of our magazine. Savour this edition!

Victory Yinka-Banjo(Grade 11S)

Editorial Team
YINKA-BANJO Victory, HALIM Blessing, ADEGBITE Anita, MBA Deborah, OGUNKOMAYA Nifemi, IFEANYI Angel,


The last Friday of the month of September was a glorious one for the staff and students of Princeton College who came together to commit the term into the hands of God. Everyone assembled at the hall by 1 pm for the pioneer fellowship in anticipation of God’s blessings. It was a rewarding day as Pastor Tochukwu mounted the podium with words of exhortation. The students were not left out in the exercise as they rendered soul-winning praise and worship songs.

The fellowship was indeed a great start to a school session. It gave everyone the chance not only to worship as brethren in God’s presence but also to learn a few things about Obedience which was the topic of the teaching.

Orientation for new Parents

The 2018/19 academic session orientation for new parents was held on the 14th of September, 2018. The forum gave the nursery and primary sections of Princeton Schools the opportunity to welcome the new parents and to educate them on the school’s mission, vision and policies.

Another feather added to Princeton college’s cap

The 24th day of October, 2018, was the third annual Rising Star Essay Competition. It was a creative writing competition which was organized to aid the development of the writing skills of Nigerian children. The result of the competition had Princeton College students smile back to school as one of our students, Oma Ekuma, emerged successful.

In her welcoming address, the CEO of The Writers Corner and the organizer of the event, Mrs. Uchegbunam Udoji, greatly urged and encouraged the youths of today to go further in enhancing their reading and writing skills. She ended her speech with the very powerful words; “READ, READ, READ!!!…… WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!”

This year’s competition was keenly contested. Each of the contestants wrote either a short story or a poem with the theme, “Family Is Everything.” According to Mrs. Udoji, out of 307 entries from schools in Lagos, Ondo and Ogun states, only 25 pupils stood out in the competition.

It was indeed a day to remember for Princeton College as Oma Ekuma was rewarded with an HP printer, a certificate of achievement and a medal.

Abacus Training for Parents

Training was held for our parents by the BRAINOBRAIN instructors. The parents were introduced to the magic words and brain gym. It was a refreshing experience.

Red Day

The kindergarten section of Princeton Schools had the colour day this term which was tagged ‘Red Day.’ It was a great day as pupils and teachers wore red attires. They also engaged in various games that involved the use of red balls, toys and balloons.


On Tuesday, the 6th day of November, 2018, the senior students of Princeton College embarked on an excursion to the Lagos State Trade Fair at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

The students visited the stands of renowned companies and also patronized those that met their needs.

Pyjamas Day

It was a great day for the nursery section of Princeton Schools as they had their Pyjamas Day. The pupils were taught to desist from ``toddler tantrums at bedtime`. The pupils and their teachers came to school with blankets, pillows, bedspreads and pyjamas which they dressed in.

2018 Roses Ministry’s Quiz competition

The 24th of October, 2018 was an eventful day for Princeton College students. A fraction of our senior secondary school students attended an annual seminar held by the Roses Ministry, a Christian-based non-governmental organization aimed at empowering the youths of today. At the occasion, the students were enlightened on the topic of the year, Right Values, Right Choices.The chief speaker of the day, Mrs Ronke Adeniyi certainly hit the nail on the head as she educated the students on various things that they need to know as 21st century youths.

Apart from the discussion-based aspect, there was an inter-school quiz held amongst the schools that attended. The questions were based on the selected novel of the year, The Ultimate Journey by Jim Stovall, Mathematics, Science and general knowledge. At the end of the competition, winners were announced. As always, Princeton College does not fail to showcase the spirit of achievement as she took the second position out of over fifteen schools in attendance.

A trophy and the book, Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie were handed to the school’s representatives: Victory Yinka-Banjo (Grade 11) and Blessing Halim (Grade 12). There were smiles on the faces of Princeton students as they left the venue.It was indeed a memorable day for Princeton College. The Voice appreciates Blessing Halim and Victory Yinka-Banjo for making the school proud.

Maths Quiz

The Mathematics competition which was held across the primary classes of Princeton Schools had the following pupils emerge as the winners in each grade.

Grade One:- IKUJENYO Moyinoluwa
Grade Two:- OLOFINLADE Ayanfeoluwa
Grade Three:- OBIORAH Brian
Grade Four:- ADEOLA Mohammad
Grade Five & Six:- IFEANYI Angel
We say a big congratulation to all the participants. They are all winners.

Princeton College Shines at 2018 NIPOST Letter Writing Competition

The Nigerian Postal Services organized the 47th edition of UPU Essay Writing Competition for secondary schools in Nigeria. The theme for the competition is, ‘Imagine you are letter travelling through time, what message do you wish to convey to your readers?’ It was keenly contested and Princeton College was not left out in the race.

The award ceremony took place on the 12th of October, 2018 and Princeton College students were in attendance. The event took place at the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce in Alausa, Ikeja. The programme was divided into two parts: the presentations on digital technology and the long awaited award ceremony.

The presentations began with Mr OwolabiAwosan’s‘Evolving into Digital Economy.’ The second paper presentation was by Mr. Thomas Gaga and it looked at how NIPOST could key into the digital economy that is driven by technological evolution. The audience marveled at some of the facts they learnt for the first time as a result of the seminar. The power point presentations, charisma and atmosphere of the presentations made were really fascinating to witness.

The award ceremony was an exciting moment for everyone. Halim Blessing of Princeton College, took the second position. She was awarded with an android phone and a certificate of participation. The event was a successful one.

Speak Up

Do you know that there are 168 million children worldwide trapped in child labour, accounting for almost 11 percent of the overall child population?

This is something that many of you may not believe but it is what we see every day in our towns and cities, in Lagos, in Kaduna, in Rivers, in Nigeria. Child labour is a terrible social vice and is exactly what we are fighting against. We are kids with rights to education yet we see people who are just like us, hawking on the streets and endangering their lives when they should be in the comfort of a school classroom.

If this boy or girl is not toiling under the hot sun, he or she is locked up in a house, scrubbing toilets and changing diapers against his own will; against his/her human rights. It is stated in the Nigerian Constitution in Section 1 of the Child’s Right Act that every child has the right to survival and development. Yet, every day, a vast number of children are deprived of their right to develop and survive.

There are so many negative effects of this abuse to children. One of the most dominant is the emotional and psychological trauma that they are put through. What’s even worse is that female child labourers are 25% more likely to fall into teenage pregnancy. We find children who are not mentally sound but who are drained and damaged.

People everywhere, including parents, violate these laws and we have to come together to put an end to the abuse of people who are just like us and have as much potential as we do. Sometimes, we only realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced but we will not be silenced.

It starts now with you and me. Speak up wherever you are and in whatever way you can. Tell your friends and your families because together, we can make a difference; one step at a time and one child at a time.

As a team, we can make our future bright, shape our future right and stop child labour.

Victory Yinka-Banjo
Grade 11

Colour Day

It was indeed a colourful day as the nursery pupils and their teachers commemorated the significances of various colours by being in outfits of specified colours. The pupils carried out many activities on that day, and were delighted to paint with their favourite colours.

Spelling Bee

The primary section of our distinguished school had spelling bee competition on the 27th of November, 2018. The following winners emerged across the classes.
Congratulations to all the participants and winners!

Abacus Inter- Schools Competition

Princeton School hosted an inter-school Abacus competition on the 20th of October, 2018. We had over ten schools that participated and we had our pupils excel in different rounds.

Parents-Teachers Forum

The meeting was held on the 31st of October, 2018. It was indeed a successful one as issues and suggestions that will move the school forward were duly addressed.

Art Displays

Our pupils continued to grow in the spirit of achievement and excellence. Below are some of the art works done by the pupils about nature.


Our excursion was an educative and fun- filled experience for the pupils. We visited interesting places like Deo- Science, Terra-Kulture and Frankids.

Poets' Corner

True Friends

Do you wished to have true friends
Who are always by your side?
They’ll stay with you ‘till the end
They’ll guide you through the tide
Well, let me tell you this
They’re closer than you think
They’re the best friends there is
It’s your family; a simple link!

They love to make you happy
They’re always there for you
They’re meant to be your all
When you’re wrong they’ll be right
They’ll help you survive any fall
Family is meant to be the first
They’re more important than anything
They’re there to satisfy your thirst
Family is truly everything!

Johnson Oyindasola
Grade 9 Honesty


When the thunders roared and I feared
Oh how I remember all those sounds I dread
You were always there to protect me from the storm
To make me feel love and warmth
You provided for me without asking for any favour
Father, you are truly a treasure.
You are the one whom I deeply cherish
The one without whom, I would probably perish
The one who sees beyond my lies and pride
And with soft hankies wipes my sad eyes dry
You held me with care as I took my first breath
Guided me throughout as I gradually took steps
Mother, the one I will never forget.

Who listened to me when no one else did?
Who shielded me from all the bad things?
When I was down, who cheered me up?
And after embarrassing me, persuaded me with love
Sister, the one with whom I share my deepest secrets
And brother, who stands by me and the best of all gifts.

Grade 10A

My dear, do you know

My dear, do you know
How a long time ago
Two poor little children whose names I don’t know
Were taken away
On a fine summer day?

They were left in the woods as I heard people say
And when it was night
So sad was their plight.

The sun went down and the moon gave no light
The sobbed and sighed
And the poor little things
Lay down and died.

When they were dead
The Robbins, so red
Brought strawberry leaves
And over them spread.

Grade 7 Wisdom

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