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Editorial Desk

It thrills me to welcome you to another spectacular school term which we are sure will be filled with God’s grace. Happy New Year to you all! 2019 is surely going to be a year of better versions of ourselves! Amen!

The result of the new term is of course a release of a new edition of The Voice. I hope you have all been expectant of our magazine because we have nothing less than the best work, put together by Princeton students, in store for you. Striking pictures, articles and aesthetic poems are just a few of what you are bound to find in this term’s edition.

As usual, our blog always undergoes upgrade to boost the essence of our work. Your evaluation and constructive criticism which can be sent to us through this webpage would be welcome. Please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

Now, enter our world where the voices of Princeton are articulated.

Victory Yinka-Banjo(Grade 11S)

Editorial Team
HALIM Blessing,

2018 Family Fun Fair

Princeton Schools was certainly the place to be on Saturday the 8th of December, 2018. The school hosted a Christmas family fun fair that was quite memorable. The fair, which was free and accessible for all members of Princeton Schools family and friends was held within the school premises. The premises wore the look of a world-class amusement park as there were many activities available for everyone to engage in, refreshment inclusive. The activities include: train rides, football games, karaoke challenges, Santa’s station, a temporary tattoo station, board games, bounce castle, wall climbing etc. A mini Christmas concert was held on the football field where primary school pupils showcased their talents.

College students gisted, ate and laughed. Primary and nursery school students ran around, visited Santa and went on many rides, not forgetting to stop by the icecream station. Parents and adults had the delight of watching their children enjoy themselves and perform on stage.

In a nutshell, it was really cool that Princeton decided to switch things up and have a fun fair rather than a concert. It was refreshing to have something a little different and to have fun with family and friends. The memory of this fair lives on.

All about spots: our junior school’s theme for the term

In a bid to ensure that total 21st century children are raised in our distinguished school, the theme: All About Sports was chosen for the school’s nursery and primary sections.

While exploring the theme theoretically and practically, our pupils’ potentials were harnessed; and these, they have been showcasing especially on the Inter-House Sports Day.

2019 Inter House Sports Competition

The sports competition took place on the 14th of March 2019 at Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere. Numerous events were done by both nursery and primary pupils. The winners were:

Yellow House (Mary Slessor) came first with the total of 17 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals.

Blue House (NnamdiAzikiwe) came second with the total of 12 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Red House (Ahmadu Bello) came third with the total of 5 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze medals.

Green House (ObafemiAwolowo) came fourth with the total of 5 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals.

We were honoured by the presence of dignitaries and some invited schools like The Fountain School Surulere, K.Kotun School, Surulere,

Handmaid International Catholic School Surulere and Honey Home School, Surulere.

End-of-Year Class Party

The end of the year 2018 did not go unnoticed as class parties were held for students 7th of December, 2018. There was much excitement all over the Princeton College classrooms as the various end-of -year parties commenced. All the classes were overflowing with food than any of us could have ever expected. This ranged from brown, succulent amala and ewedu soup to sugary doughnuts depending on the classroom. There were also a lot to drink in addition to a whole lot of fun activities. Games such as Musical Chairs, Devil’s Basket and dance competitions were engaged in by students in their various classes.

In all, the end of the year class party was the best way to wrap up the term. It was also a great experience and an amazing way to end the year!

Spelling Bee Competition

Our pupils participated in the Team Masters Zonal Spelling Competition which was held on Friday the 15th day of March, 2019. They qualified for the district competition that will be coming up in May 2019. We congratulate and wish greater success to the following participants: MBAH Deborah, EKUMA Onosowo, ONYEMENAM Ifeoma, IKUJENYO Tiereoluwa and NWAJEI Nathan.

Assembly Presentation

We had wonderful class presentations across the year groups and subject teachers. Topics like Bribery and Corruption, Nigerian Nationalists, National Symbols, Child Abuse, Natural Resources and Great Leaders around the World were duly discussed.

Excursion to the Nigerian Bottling Company

A generally acclaimed saying has it that there is always a reward for hard work. Indeed, in Princeton College, hard working students are never denied of this reward. It is a custom in the school to take the top ten students in every class on special excursion. On the last day of February, 2019, the senior students were taken out for this treat. Their destination was the Nigerian Bottling Company NBC.

This company is definitely a very important one, being in charge of the bottling of some of Nigeria’s most popular products: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Nestle, 5-alive and Sprite amongst many others. The students were taken on a thoroughly descriptive tour through the Coca-Cola bottling section where they saw the step by step process of how the 60cl coke bottle size is produced.

At the end, students were presented with drinks and NBC stationery. It was a short, simple and educational excursion

My Trip to South Africa

As the winner of both the National Travel Essay Competition (NTEC) and the South African Airways Competition (SAAEC), I was treated to a week-long allexpense paid trip by the sponsors of the two competitions. These trips were part of the grand prizes of the two competitions and were compressed into one trip that consisted of two parts.

My journey began on the 6th of November, 2018 when we took off from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos and arrived at the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa the following morning. On arrival, my mom and I, alongside Mr Iroro, the organizer of both competitions, went on a short road trip to Rustenburg on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Here, we were checked into a beautiful resort which was also the venue for the three-day conference organized by the sponsors of NTEC. I had to attend the conference as the winner of the competition as it was the African Business Travel Association’s (ABTA) annual conference. I thought that conferences were always just long boring seminars but I was so wrong. We were so warmly welcomed and entertained. It was an amazing three days in Rustenburg.

As soon as the conference came to a close, we proceeded back to Johannesburg for the second part of the trip, the part organized by South African Airways. Immediately we arrived, we were taken on a guided safari tour where we saw all sorts of animals including lions, wild dogs and even South Africa’s national animal, the Springbok. The following day, we went on a tour to the Apartheid Museum where we learnt a lot about the history of South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s role in apartheid.

My mom and I had the remaining two days of our stay to ourselves. We spent a lot of time shopping at the mall, exploring varieties of food and also sleeping in our very comfortable hotel room. We were both sad when we had to leave for Nigeria on Monday because we had been having so much fun. We were, however excited to return and see our family and to share our experiences with our very close friends as well.

In all my life, this trip to South Africa which I embarked on has been a major and unforgettable highlight which till now has left me in awe. I am grateful for the opportunity and I am proud that it was Princeton College that I represented there.

Yinka-Banjo Victory
Grade 11 Science

Recap of our Periodic Friday Seminars

To kick off the month of March, we had a seminar organized by our Principal, Mr Steve Obiakor. This seminar was held to inspire as well as inform the students.

Among the things discussed were: Drug abuse and Being Proactive as Students. Mr Obiakor during his address encouraged all students to be proactive and to be ready before something happens and not wait for something to happen before they act. He referred students to the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens for more information.

Boarders’ timeout with Princeton schools’ director

13th of March, 2019 was indeed a day to remember for Princeton College students that live in the dormitory. The director of Princeton Schools, Mrs Bola Bankole gave them a wonderful treat. The student did not know what to expect until they alighted from the school bus.

It was fun all the way as the students had ample time to unwind and enjoy themselves. The principal, Mr Steve Obiakor with the heads of department was also present to grace the occasion. They were treated to sumptuous dinner and they also danced round bonfire.

Excursion Trips

Our pupils had an exciting excursion at Upbeat Lagos and Fun Factory, Lekki. Each visit was indeed memorable.

Craft Work

Our pupils continued to strive for excellence even in creativity. The pupils are getting ready for upcoming art competitions.

Prefects Investiture

Big congratulations to the 2018/2019 session prefects. We wish them an amazing tenure.

Cultural Day 2019

The 15th day of March, 2019 was set aside in Princeton College to celebrate the Nigerian rich cultural heritage. This was done to mark the Term Programme for the academic session. There were a lot of activities as students and teachers engaged themselves in varieties of ventures planned for the day.

Among the notable things that happened was the appearance of the well-known Nigerian comedian, Afeez Oyetoro aka Saka who spoke on the need to embrace our culture. It was an exciting moment for many who were his fans. We also had beautiful presentations such as Yoruba and Igbo dances, folklore-based drama presentations and even a fashion parade with contestants representing different tribes. To top it up , there was a lot of food but not just any regular meals, traditional food to depict ethnic groups. They were all cooked and brought by our ever supportive Princeton College parents. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.

Excursion to Rufus and Bee

The senior secondary school students of Princeton College, on the 12th of March 2019, embarked on an excursion in order to unwind from academic activities. It was super exhilarating to find out that the well-known arcade Rufus and Bee situated in Lekki, was the destination. This specific excursion has by far been the most fun-filled one yet.

On arrival at the arcade, the students were all really taken good care of. They were split into groups and given the arcade cards which in our respective teams, were used to take turns at trying out the numerous games available for us. They were able to raise enough tickets to claim prizes at the end of the day and got it all done by teamwork, bonding and enthusiasm.

Rufus and Bee was very amusing and enjoyable for everyone.

Mufti Day

Mufti Day is a fund raiser organised by the Students’ Representative Council of Princeton College (SRC). On Mufti Day, students come to school in mufti rather than their normal school uniforms. They also have different fun activities lined up for their relaxation at the end of the day.

The Mufti Day for the month of March was particularly exciting as it took place during the last week of the term, after the examination. It was organized by the Grade 11 students who will be contesting for prefect posts next term. This shows that they are ready to take the mantle of leadership next session.

Poets' Corner

True Friends

Do you wished to have true friends
Who are always by your side?
They’ll stay with you ‘till the end
They’ll guide you through the tide
Well, let me tell you this
They’re closer than you think
They’re the best friends there is
It’s your family; a simple link!

They love to make you happy
They’re always there for you
They’re meant to be your all
When you’re wrong they’ll be right
They’ll help you survive any fall
Family is meant to be the first
They’re more important than anything
They’re there to satisfy your thirst
Family is truly everything!

Johnson Oyindasola
Grade 9 Honesty


When the thunders roared and I feared
Oh how I remember all those sounds I dread
You were always there to protect me from the storm
To make me feel love and warmth
You provided for me without asking for any favour
Father, you are truly a treasure.
You are the one whom I deeply cherish
The one without whom, I would probably perish
The one who sees beyond my lies and pride
And with soft hankies wipes my sad eyes dry
You held me with care as I took my first breath
Guided me throughout as I gradually took steps
Mother, the one I will never forget.

Who listened to me when no one else did?
Who shielded me from all the bad things?
When I was down, who cheered me up?
And after embarrassing me, persuaded me with love
Sister, the one with whom I share my deepest secrets
And brother, who stands by me and the best of all gifts.

Grade 10A

My dear, do you know

My dear, do you know
How a long time ago
Two poor little children whose names I don’t know
Were taken away
On a fine summer day?

They were left in the woods as I heard people say
And when it was night
So sad was their plight.

The sun went down and the moon gave no light
The sobbed and sighed
And the poor little things
Lay down and died.

When they were dead
The Robbins, so red
Brought strawberry leaves
And over them spread.

Grade 7 Wisdom

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