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Nurturing the Spirit of Achievement Since 1983.

The True Spirit of Achievement

Princeton Schools is located on two acres in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. With our Nursery, Primary and College, the school caters to children between the ages of 12 months to 18 years. Well qualified and experienced staff create a caring, safe and purposeful environment where individual talents are identified, encouraged and developed. We work closely with parents to foster self-discipline, responsibility, confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. We take pride in our diverse community and ensure that our children understand the value of growing and learning together. We also take great care to ensure that our curriculum and facilities are exciting, challenging and innovative.

Our Mission

To provide each student with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning, assisting the students in developing skills to become independent adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in the global world.

Our Vision

To graduate responsible and self-sufficient citizens with strong critical thinking and academic skills; to provide a dynamic, comprehensive curriculum delivered in partnership with the community, family, and qualified staff, in a safe and caring environment.

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